Who We Are

We're on a mission.

Our mission is to nurture and support every customer through the entire home-building process. 

When we moved into our first home, Sita’s grandmother performed a Hindu housewarming ceremony to bless the house. As per tradition, she brought a pot of milk to a boil and let it boil over onto the stove. The milk flows over as a symbol and a wish that our home would overflow with health, wealth, and happiness.

Building a home is more than a generic transaction. It’s a sacred one.

You’re trusting someone to build the walls that will shelter and protect your most valuable possession—your family. You have to feel good about the person building those walls.

Yes, your final goal is a house. But you’re about to enter into a relationship that is going to cost a significant amount of money and it’s either going to be fun or stressful.

You’ve done your research. You’ve compared prices. You’ve asked around. You know that everyone on your final list can do the work.

At this point, you’re not selecting the work. You’re choosing the relationship.

You want the nicest home you can afford. But when it comes down to brass tacks, you have to like and trust your builder.

Ever After Homes - Who We Are - Brian and Sita

Our Story…

Brian and Sita Dosramos have built a beautiful life building beautiful homes.

Brian’s career in the home building industry started at the tender age of ten when he began bagging gravel after school to help out in the family business.

By the time he was nineteen, he and his sweetheart, Sita, decided they would be property developers and real estate investors. After all, construction is woven into Brian’s DNA. At 21, he went to college to study construction engineering, planning to work in the family business, while Sita worked on establishing a career in real estate.


When Brian finished school, he had a clear vision for his future in building, and an ambitious business plan that didn’t align with the plans of his father, so he started his own business— Kenneth Homes Design Build—named after his grandfather.

Soon, Brian was building homes, while dealing real estate and developing and managing properties with Sita. He was working around the clock, wheeling and dealing for 80-100 hours a week… missing vacations, holidays, and time with his wife.

By 23, Brian was experiencing physical symptoms of stress and realized that he hated what he had created. He realized that if he didn’t recalibrate the vision, he might not live to see 30.

Ever After Homes - Who We Are - Brian
Ever After Homes - Who We Are - Brian and Son

He didn’t want to be in a hamster wheel, always on the move, but never being present to enjoy life’s moments. He wanted to build a sustainable business that would allow him to also be around for life’s moments.

Kenneth Homes Design Build has evolved into Ever After Custom Homes. Through Ever After, Brain and Sita build, renovate, and design houses to fit all of a family’s future moments—including their own.

Our Values


Everyone deserves a place to rest their head, a haven where they feel safe and loved. And we value home. But not only the walls around us. Our community is a home as well, and the globe is a home for all of us. We know there is more out there than the section of the world that we see, and we value our home at all levels.


We value moments and memories, and those are the reasons we build. Nobody really cares about what kind of insulation is in the walls. They care about where they will rock their babies, how they’ll hear their teenagers coming home at night, and where they can get the best view of the sunrise with their coffee.


We value life more than hustle. We stay hydrated and eat vegetables and breathe. We work hard, but we don’t believe working ourselves into the ground serves anyone. We don't bite off more than we can chew because we want to be fully present for our customers and our loved ones.


We build homes that will last for as many tomorrows as possible. In addition to caring about the tomorrows of our customers, we also care about the tomorrows of our planet. We use environmentally sustainable materials whenever we can and love educating people about eco-friendly and energy-saving options.

Giving Back

Tree Planting Program

We believe the earth is all our shared home. We want to keep it beautiful! That’s why we have partnered with Tree Canada.

Charity Work

We believe that we can make an impact! That’s why we have partnered with Live Different to support our local and global communities.

Charity Water

We believe that clean water is essential to life and growth. That’s why we partner with Charity Water to support global efforts to give access to clean and safe drinking water.