Waterdown Addition Reno


That was the intention behind this design and build. From the open concept living space, tucked away media room, outdoor entertaining space, amazing large front porch, and original fireplace/mantel that was maintained, protected, and showcased. Every component was designed and built with the thought of family gathering, loving, and creating lasting memories.

One key component to this project was the original 1960 red brick wood burning fireplace. The large wood mantel was steeped with memory, chard from the family burning a fire on cold days. When all the walls around were coming down, this staple was covered and protected. Once the new home was constructed around it, the covers were removed, and it was part of the new history of this home. Although many people said they should just tear it down as they were basically tearing down the rest of the house. The sentimental value could be felt, and we know this must stay and must remain a focal point, a grounding force.

The good vibes in the home can be felt by all who enter. Love and care has been steeped into every stage.