Custom Home Construction

Ever After is the design-build company that delivers a concierge-style approach to construction, nurturing owners through their home’s journey—from the ground up. Our vision is simple: to design and build one-of-a-kind homes, while nurturing the customer through the entire journey.

Custom Home Construction in Burlington, ON

You bring your dreams and we handle everything else! Throughout Burlington, ON and the GTA, we have delivered on our promises of to nurture and support every customer through the design and building of their home. We believe in creating homes worthy of lifelong memories and spaces where your family can enjoy and grow. Our design-build company takes a concierge approach to construction, resulting in better homes and pleasant experiences. We make the journey fun, enjoyable, and exciting – giving you something to look forward to as the project progresses. Let us take care of everything.

Build the Perfect Home Today

  • Less Competition: There’s a lot of competition for the turn key perfect home on the open real estate market. Many houses are snatched up seemingly before they’re placed for sale. That’s not the case with a custom home, which enables you to create the perfect home, perhaps, even on the existing property you own. If not then, your property search can be expanded to include homes many other buyers may avoid (unless, they too are looking to build).

  • Customization: You may have looked at a few homes already. One might have had your desired open floor plan but needed an upgraded kitchen. Another seemed cluttered but had a kitchen to die for. Custom homes let you have both.

  • Less Maintenance: Older homes have older bones, resulting in more frequent repairs. A new, custom home will feature a new roof, better plumbing, state-of-the-art electrical, and more. A custom built home comes with peace of mind built in.

  • Energy Efficiency: Building technology has grown significantly in recent years. New homes have designs that emphasize energy efficiency, which is good for your wallet and the environment.
Ever After Home Builder Erin Custom Home Kitchen View

Contact Us Today to Start Your Home Building Journey

Contact us today if you are interested in a designing and/or building your new custom home. Building homes means something to us. We believe that a home should be built on a foundation of good vibes, not stress and frustration. It’s important for you to know what’s happening while your house is being built, and you are important to us. So we’re going to make you part of the journey. 

We will appoint a “house sitter” who will visit the site daily and provide constant updates on the progress of your home. Each custom home has a site supervisor who oversees the day-to-day and a well-trained, skilled team of tradespeople who will meticulously bring the vision to reality. Contact us today to begin the journey.

Start Your Story

You’re creating the space where you’ll be making your future memories… from the ground up! But you’re not imagining the type of insulation that’s going into the walls or how the trusses will take shape. You’re dreaming about where your children will sleep and planning a dining area that will fit the whole family for Thanksgiving Dinner.